Monday, July 6, 2015

Walking from California to Bend-Day 9-PCT mile 1884-1913

It's before 5am. This is when I like to get up. It's all about beating the heat. If I can be up before 5am, I'm on the trail by 6am and can get 10 miles behind me by 10am. Once you've cruised in the cool air of the morning and put away some mileage, you can slow it down, take a siesta, a swim, and relax a bit more in the afternoon.

Today's goal is Odell Lake. There is a resort there with lovely prizes like potato chips and beer. The alternate trail for this reach, The Oregon Skyline Trail has NO ONE on it. I camped at Oldenberg Lake last night, about 15 miles shy of Odell. 

Oldenberg is nothing super special, though it was very calm and it had another element that made me very happy. The mountain in the left middle of the photo is Walker Mountain. For those that drive Highway 97 between Washington and California, this is very noticeable mountain south of Gilchrist. The mountain is prominent for the area and has a fire lookout. Waking up and seeing this scene, knowing the mountain's proximity to my house (about an hour drive) was really inspirational. I hiked fast! I'll end up with under 20 miles today, light day.
Oldenberg Lake @ 5am

Creek flowing into Odell Lake

Diamond View Lake, with yes, a view of Diamond Peak

Crescent Lake

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