Thursday, July 9, 2015

Walking from California to Bend-Day 12-PCT- Last 25 miles

The day begins breaking camp with Nikki at Dumbbell Lake. Within a hour or two, we split off at the trail to Elk Lake. As I cross my 10th or so road of asphalt in as many days, I am immediately greeted by friends from Bend that spent the morning at Elk Lake. It's lovely to see familiar faces and it furthers my thoughts toward home. 

Elk Lake Resort is welcoming but again strange to be around so many people. I take a swim, fuel up, and walk around it toward Sparks Lake.
Meadow between Dumbbell Lake and Elk Lake

The turn off the PCT. I leave for the last time and head east to Bend.
Meadow near Bridge Creek

Quinn Creek

Broken Top

Upper Tumalo Creek
After Sparks it's the cruise up to Upper Tumalo Creek where I catch a spectacular sunset. 

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