Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Walking from California to Bend-Day 11-PCT mile 1932-1954

Blue, green, and brown dominate my viewshed when I wake up. Fueled by the power knowing that I'll be home the day after tomorrow, I am moving with purpose. Maybe I'm a fool for getting so focused. Am I beginning to only think of the end. The past 10 days have felt like a month-in a good way.

Unfortunately the trail has begun to wear on my body. The 20+ mile days have begun to make me ache near the end of the day. The hips begin to give out. One leg gets favored over another. 
Sweet Kisses
Early morning at Charlton Lake 
A flower returns post-fire on Charlton Butte

On Charlton Butte looking east
Use your imagination, but thru' the trees it's Broken Top and Mt. Bachelor
After 200 miles on the trail I've seen the current Pacific Crest Trail sign. The original signs from "The Pacific Crest Trail System" are all but gone. The old signs are probably close to 40 or 50 years old, but I haven't been able to find out for sure. What I do know is that through California, Oregon, and Washington-over 500+ miles of PCT hiking I've done, I've NEVER seen one of the old signs until TODAY. Poked and prodded, this beauty below popped into my eyes. Pretty cool.
Original signage

Mt. Bachelor

Campsite at Dumbbell Lake
Rain on and off during the day, but it ends dry as I make it as far as Dumbbell Lake to close out Day 11. This is a place I've easily day hiked and is only a 20 minute drive from home. NOW the pull home really comes, but the pull of the trail tugs at me as well. Nikki shows up and we set camp. She is on her way north of the Sisters, where I will turn from the trail and walk directly east to my house. I'm pulled to follow her to Washington. This of course is totally irrational for a number of reasons, but the pull is still there. I don't want the feeling of the trail to go away. The full immersion is incredible. Zen. Monk-like. Simple days-get up, eat a basic meal, quietly do one thing in honor to the natural world-walk thru' it-stop, sit, eat, sleep, repeat.

Dumbbell Lake
Nikki and me

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  1. Oh Chuck, you are nearly home, you are in the heart of beauty, and everything is in a perfect, dynamic tug-of-peace!