Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cline Falls

Cline Falls provides a decent trip into nature very close to Redmond. It's very accessible, yet feels remote.

Unfortunately, the state park along the Deschutes River has been used to a point of where it's been degraded heavily. The area feels more 'urban' than any other place I've been to in Central Oregon that is considered a park/wild/natural area. Trash is pretty common, ruderal vegetation dominates and the river has been over manipulated in the area. I am guessing that the challenge is that the park is often forgotten by the community. I know of no 'friends of Cline Falls' group. State Parks (notoriously short on resources in Oregon) doesn't seem to have the capacity to keep up with the damage in the area. We picked up some trash while we were there, but the area needs some major love. A sad story.

That all said, the trails in the area provide an nice look into a canyon of the Deschutes River. The whole family ventured out and had a good afternoon. Mostly we ran around and played monster.

See & hear the falls...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hike to the Hornito

A short drive southeast of Bend, Oregon is the Hornito. A Hornito is a small volcano. Check out an active Hornito.

This one is extinct and stands about 15 feet tall. This makes a great day expedition with kids.

Looking down inside, about a 10 foot drop

One part of this trip not shown in these photos was the journey in. Late season corn snow proved too deep for my Subaru and despite Vern's warnings, I drove like an idiot into a foot of the stuff. I had to hike back to the highway and get help. Back several hours later, we pressed on and arrived at the Hornito.