Sunday, July 5, 2015

Walking from California to Bend-Day 8-PCT mile 1861-1884-+5 miles

Another hefty day of walking home. I probably hit about 28 miles today. I hike from Mt. Thielsen thru' up to Windigo Pass. Instead of staying on the PCT, I opt to take the Oregon Skyline Trail as an alternative to get to Odell Lake. The OST travels about 1,000 feet lower and is 10 miles shorter. It also avoids Summit Lake (more mosquitoes there than anywhere I've ever seen) and have more water options.

I'm now less than 100 miles from home.

Umbrella, great for beating the heat & making progress in the rain

Mt. Thielsen from the north
trail north of Thielsen-heavy moss on trees
Sculpture in the forest
Highest point on the PCT in Oregon and Washington
I'm really hauling now. I've basically got all the rest of the food I'll need and as I consume it, I get a lighter pack everyday. 

Another great tip for the trail, go to bed clean EVERY night. I have made sure that I take a shower EVERY night before I go to bed. Usually this is a waterproof stuff sack that carries clothes in the pack. This particular one by Wx has a valve so it serves a few functions (multi-function gear is key on the trail). 1-Keeps clothes dry in pack, 2-Can be blown up and used as a pillow, 3-Carries water for camp, 4-Add hot water, hang it, and you have a shower.

EVERY night on the trail after showering, I'd get into a cotton shirt and a light pair of silk long johns to sleep in. The result was I went to bed refreshed and my tent and sleeping bag never got stinky.

yellow water bag on right is the shower

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