Friday, October 16, 2009

Mt. Thielsen-Douglas & Klamath Counties

Oregon 36 Project
Hiking the highest peaks in all of Oregon's 36 counties
#12 & 13-Lake County-Southern Oregon-Mt. Thielsen-9,182 feet
Mt. Thielsen is in the Southern Cascades, just north of Crater Lake, due east of Hwy 138 and Diamond Lake and 60 miles south of Mt. Bachelor.

Thielsen at 9,182 feet, looks similar to Europe's Matterhorn with a point on top. It is also called the lightning rod of the Cascades as it is struck very frequently.

Nico, our awesome new dog and I were out on our first overnight backpacking expedition.

We climbed from Hwy. 138 above Diamond Lake to the shoulder of Thielsen where it meets the Pacific Crest Trail. We set up camp there.
That's Diamond Lake (about 3 miles long( in the background with Mt. Bailey towering at about 8,200 feet above it.

Sweet wildlife as we saw this hawk, several deer, elk cows and a bear (unfortunately the bear had been shot by poachers who were hunting it out of season and we're just taking it's fur-sad reality that type of thing happens)

This is near the summit of Thielsen. It's volcanic history shows itself with some wild rock formations near the summit. The summit itself is the remains of the eroded volcanic plug from it's eruption 250,000 years ago. The lightning rod moniker for the mountain also causes a unique rock formation. A mineral called Fulgurite is formed when lightning strikes the mountain. The superheated volcanic rock melts into tubes of this mineral. It's effectively petrified lightning. Very cool.

Nico had a blast playing in the snow and climbing.

Just so you can appreciate the pitch of this mountain. The last reach before it goes totally vertical to the point is this long field of scree. I took this photo to show just how darn steep the climb is. At this point on the mountain, the trail is gone and you're just feeling your way up to the peak.

Nico at 9,000+ feet resting on the snow and enjoying the view.
A good trek...

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  1. Very cool Bro you pulled the trigger on getting a new dog, We have not found the right dog to rescue yet as we have been looking so if that does not pan out we will look at a breeder in a few months..