Friday, August 7, 2009

Lassen National Park & surrounding area (California)

This trip was a bonus. I was headed back to Oregon from a hike along the John Muir Trail and decided to poke around the Lassen Peak and Mt. Shasta areas. 

The Lassen area is sparsely populated and gives you the chance to explore in isolation.
Lassen last erupted about 100 years ago and still smolders. You can see active vents still producing scalding steam. 
Steam still lingers...

Mt. Shasta at dusk.
In it's beauty, Mt. Shasta, 14,179 feet, along with Lassen, the two prominent peaks in California that are part of the Cascades Range.

Looking the other direction

Hot springs pool at an abandoned resort.

Timber equipment left behind.

Near Mill Creek Falls in Lassen National Park.
Lassen formations

Mill Creek Falls

Lassen Peak

More abandoned timber infrastructure.

Morning in the fields near Sierraville.

Morning sky near Mono Lake

Cool building in Sierraville

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