Sunday, June 28, 2015

Walking from California to Bend-The start-PCT mile 1758

Sunday at 4 I hop on the trail in California. It's is so dry. Hot and dry. I drove a rent-a-car from Bend and took a taxi across the border.

Just after being dropped off by the taxi in California

The first steps toward home
The oak trees are beautiful as they pepper the grassy hillside.
Pilot Rock from the California/Oregon border
I walk NE to Pilot Rock to meet up with the PCT. Pilot Rock is a volcanic plug meaning it was once an active vent full of magma. The formation is 25 million years old (one of the oldest in the Cascades) and rises 500+ feet above the surrounding ridges. I managed to get some miles behind me that I hadn't planned on. Eagles, deer, and signs of bear.

It was such a relief to reach the PCT. The thick brush off trail hike for 3 miles took hours and was pretty difficult and hot.

Dry and gorgeous-California Oaks

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