Saturday, April 25, 2009

Metolius River with kids

The volcanic activity in the area northwest of Sisters, Oregon has created many cool features. One of them is spectacular Metolius River. Emerging from one of those ancient lava flows, the Metolius comes out of the ground as a full river. Check out the headwaters of the Metolius as an easy side trip. A car park and easy 10 minutes flat hike leads you to the spot where the river just appears-an amazing sight.

For this trip, my friend Rick and I along with our boys parked at a gate across the double track near Lower Bridge Campground on the east side of the river. The boys hopped on bikes for the short jaunt to find a flat spot along the river to camp.

For young kids, this is a PERFECT experience. You are away from the car (you can find spots as close as a mile in) but the kids feel REALLY out there. This is a perfect trip (short drive from Sisters, easy double track road) to get your kids out of doors. It is trips like this that give the kids perspective beyond the worlds that they already know.


Rick and Taz at the TH.
The boys pedal their way into the unknown!
The view downstream
Playing with ants along the river

setting camp
OOhhh. Boys. Fire. Oh yay!

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